Worthwhile lessons of life

You are the only person responsible for steering your destiny. Do not let anybody else take charge of your wheel, which always ends up in resentment.



One would be hard-pressed to encounter a woman like Wilma more than once. She embodies both tranquility and tempestuousness. Despite enduring a great deal of hardship, she maintains a serene countenance and exhibits unwavering devotion to her family. Having suffered betrayal in the past, it takes some time for her to open up, but once she does, her loyalty is steadfast. Wilma has gained valuable insights in recent years and she no longer allows others to dictate the course of her life. She is firmly in control of her present and continues to ascend.


my book

I wrote a book with the intention of inspiring individuals to believe in themselves and love themselves unconditionally, regardless of their circumstances or the challenges they may be facing. My goal is to encourage readers to never allow anyone or anything to hinder their growth or prevent them from becoming who they aspire to be. Remember, there is always hope, so never give up and stay strong. Always maintain a positive mindset, even during the most trying times. The sun is a beacon of light that reminds us that even in our darkest moments, we can still rise and shine.

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Our mission is to provide support for those who have experienced abuse and sexual exploitation. By promoting open discussion and amplifying the voices of survivors, we hope to break down the stigma surrounding these issues and create a safer, more empathetic society.

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